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Featured Furniture, Antique, and Home Decor at Greenview Estate Sales

Browse our furniture, antique, and home decor inventory here, but make sure you stop in and see us too! Conveniently located at Lake of the Ozarks in the Camdenton area.

Our inventory changes daily.

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Greenview Estate Sales Services

For Clients Wanting To Sell

We provide a service for individuals, families, empty-nesters, realtors, and banks needing to reduce the assets of a home due to a move, downsize, settlement of an estate or simply the desire to redecorate.

Call Greenview Estate Sales to set up an appointment for a Free Home Visit.

During the visit, we will take an inventory along with pictures, research the market and make an offer to purchase the inventory. The next step is to plan for the packing and removal of your items by our staff. Purchased items are sold in our retail showroom. Rest assured that your needs can be met in an efficient manner while receiving cash for your merchandise. Don’t spend hours packing, arranging, cleaning, sorting and donating.


Give us a call or email and set up an appointment.

For the Customer Wishing to Buy

Customers will find everything needed to furnish or complete a room or more. Greenview Estate Sales features high-quality and affordably priced merchandise for the home including furniture (gently used modern, vintage & antique) home décor, area rugs, home office furniture, bookcases, framed art and collectibles, beer/liquor mirrors & signs, barstools, lighting, outdoor/sunroom/lake home furnishings, textiles, jewelry (vintage, fine) clocks (mantel, wall and table—old and new), holiday décor and more.

Our staff is available to offer assistance in selecting merchandise to create an attractive living environment that reflects your personality, style and preferences. Home consultation is available for a fee. Ask about Décor by Nancy.

Our inventory changes weekly and customers tell us they check our store first before shopping other venues. We invite you to visit our store, give us a call or contact us by email if you’re looking for something special. In most cases, delivery can be arranged at no charge or moderate fee, depending on location.





Greenview Estate Sales
8682 N. Hwy. 5
(at Hwy. 7 in Greenview)

Camdenton, MO  65020


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